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Welcome to Insta-LINK

Insta-LINK® is the Ultimate Water Quality Balancing System.

The new Insta-LINK water quality program lets you do your own pool maintenance and solve pool problems. In addition to internet-based software subscriptions, iPhone owners can now photo-scan an Insta-Test pool and spa test strip, eliminating the need to visually determine slight color variations. The program has a manual pool testing entry option that allows any user of a smartphone, PC or internet connected device to enter results from water test kits or test strips.
  • No more guessing or calculating with pool water testing!
  • Photoscan your reacted Insta-Test test strip with your iPhone OR manually enter your data from any strip or kit into your Smartphone or computer
  • Test strips that can be photo-scanned using the mobile app: Insta-LINK 5 and Insta-LINK 4
  • Get step-by-step treatment instructions in seconds with precise dosing amounts and safe application instructions
  • Calculations in software work with complex interrelations between sanitizers, pH, alk, hardness, and water temperature levels
  • Get automated alerts if your water is in a damaging scale or corrosion causing state, when it's time to consult your pool professional, and when to have your water professionally tested

Install the free mobile app!

With our innovative iPhone® and Android® mobile apps you can scan and analyze test strips in seconds. Each test is stored on your phone and is available through the online Insta-Link application. Monitor treatment information and data trends to ensure that you are on the right track.


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